‘The Hills’: Whatever Happend to Lo? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 3.42.17 PM
Credit: Instagram

We all remember Lo Bosworth: Lauren Conrad’s bestie who was always down to party it up in vegas or just chat and tell it like it is on The Hills. But ever since the show ended, we can’t help but wonder, whatever happened to her?

After a little research, turns out that Lo is doing just fine! Better than fine, actually. She’s quietly been building a lifestyle empire, starting with her blog The Lo Down, which covers everything from wellness to beauty. She’s also put her culinary degree to work, posting cooking videos to her YouTube channel, the most popular of which has been viewed over 300,000 times.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 3.43.09 PM
Credit: Instagram

When she’s not busy with her lifestyle brand, she’s off recording her podcast Lady Lovin with Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman, which covers topics such as mindfulness and sex toys.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 3.44.06 PM
Credit: Instagram

She’s also become an ambassador for Actually She Can, a campaign for female empowerment sponsored by pharmaceutical company Allergan.

We love that Lo has kept a low profile (no pun intended) but we miss her dearly and want to keep up with all the wonderful things she’s up to! Perhaps there will be a short The Hills reunion one day? A girl can only hope.

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