Curvy Model Robyn Lawley on How She Learned to Finally Stop Caring About Her Weight

Robyn Lawley is tired. She’s tired of not being skinny enough and she’s tired of not being “plus” enough. And now she’s opening up about how she finally came to terms with her weight and learned to love her body.

Speaking with The Cut, she explained,

“I found these crazy, old photos of me modeling, and they took my breath away. I was so skinny, and it was just not good enough. It wasn’t skinny enough. I had tried everything and I had whittled myself down to a point where I couldn’t be skinnier. Seeing those pictures reminded me that it’s important for girls not to feel like that. I was weak. I needed to be fit, healthy, and young. I didn’t need to be starving myself and freaking out about it all day, every day.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.46.38 PM
Credit: Instagram

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It makes us so sad to hear that Robyn — who happens to have awesome curves, by the way — was starving herself. Nobody should ever feel like their not enough because of their weight, and Robyn agrees.

“Weight is so mind-numbingly dumb to worry about, unless it’s to a point where it’s affecting your health. Morbid obesity is not fun for your body. Neither is being severely underweight. It’s about finding your natural weight and sticking with it.”

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